maandag 22 februari 2010

Uniface Marketing enters a new era

Now Uniface is a semi-independent business unit within Compuware new and more innovative marketing techniques are being explored.

You might have seen the video's we made with Uniface developers, customers etc on (I am the guy with the beard in the second video):

This month we have held a virtual user conference on the web, It really was set up as a virtual version of a real user conference. You entered the main hall:

You could choose to watch one of the many video presentations and participate in the live Q&A sessions:

There even was a lounge where you could chat with other visitors. Unfortunately only virtual beer was served:

You could visit several booths for different Compuware departments, user groups and partners:

I managed the Uniface Services booth. It was very nice to chat with customers from far away countries like Canada and Australia that you don't meet everyday:

We did different sessions for three timezones: Asia, Europe and The America's. So it was a very long day for the team:

The various polls that were held during the day, and the info on downloads of flyers and whitepapers etc gave us a nice indication of what our customers are interested in.

You might also want to read an independent artice here.

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