woensdag 1 december 2010

The Uniface Lab is looking for six software engineers

Uniface is developed in Amsterdam by the Uniface Lab. We have a long track-record of delivery on demand through incremental software updates, deploying a proven mechanism of continuous integration, and automated environments for building and regression testing.
We are organized around five disciplines: Product Management, Customer Support, Product Development, Quality Assurance, and Technical Communication. We use the agile Scrum methodology to manage and control our product development. We work in multi-disciplinary Scrum teams, each team responsible for both product enhancement and maintenance.

For the Uniface Lab, we are looking for six software engineers: four will focus on product development and two on release engineering. We expect positive and assertive team players who have a strong desire to succeed in a team- and customer-oriented environment. 

4x Software Engineer/Developer        Product Development
1x Software Engineer                            Release Engineering (Build)
1x Software Engineer                            Release Engineering (Test)

Please keep in mind that these positions are about developing the Uniface product, not about developing applications with Uniface!

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