maandag 18 april 2011

Exporting to separate files

By default, when you export your sources from a Uniface repository you get one big file with all the objects that fit the profile. Sometimes you may need separate files for each object. There is a simple way of achieving this.
(This works for Uniface 8 and 9)

Step 1:
Go online and find a free version management tool that is SCCI based.
You do not need to install it if you just want clustered exports, you just need the .DLL.
(I use igloo.dll)

Step 2:
Goto Utilities -> Preferences -> System
Enter the location of the DLL.

Step 3:
Press the Clustering… button.
Adjust the settings to your own taste.

Step 4:
When doing an export, make sure the option Use File Clustering Defaults is checked.

Step 5:
Check your result.

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