maandag 8 augustus 2011

Experiment with Tab widget

Older Uniface applications tend to look a bit boring. Not a huge problem if you use your Uniface application for internal purposes. You business application does not need to look like a video game. But when you have a Uniface application that you want to sell, it has to look nice too.

In the first picture you see a screen as it would look by default:

One of the guys of the Uniface Lab came up with the idea to imitate a Tab widget using a Map widget. It looks much better:

But that only works because in this sample each tab has the same layout. So I tried it using the normal Tab widget, so you can have tabs that are different from each other, but overlaying the Tabs with a Map widget. It comes close, you only see a few line that ideally should not be there:

It is not a ideal solution to program, but if you are at a point where the looks of the application are more important than code maintenance this can be a solution.

PS: Besides the Tabs you can also see that a good use of colors and fonts already makes a big difference.

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