maandag 10 juni 2013

A Facebook Like button in Uniface

This is really simple:

  1. Determine the URL of what you want your Like button to like.
    If it is a posting you have to hover over the timestamp to see the URL.

  2. Paint an HTML Widget on your Uniface Form.

  3. Assing the following string to the widget:

  4. Now the Like button goes to one of my postings.
    To change that replace the URL in the href parameter with your own URL. Use URL encoding, %2F is a foward slash. So you have to replace this bit:

  5. Compile and run!
    (If you are not logged on to Facebook yet, a login dialog will appear after you have pressed to button.  Please follow the instructions in the dialog.)

Needless to say that this is just as easy in a Uniface Web application...

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