vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Updating individual component properties

When you want to do some mass updates to your Uniface application the Global Updates functionality can be of great help. But every once in a while there is something the Global Updates cannot do for you.

I wanted to update one of the More Properties of my components and I found out that Global Updates always replace the complete set of component properties with the new set that you have specified. That was not what I wanted because that would override all the properties that I have so carefully set per functional type of component.

So I made a litte tool.

Attached is a Form that fulfilled my requirements.
With this form you can:

  • Add a property when it does not exist
  • Add a property when it does not exist and update the value if it does exist
  • Change the value of a property when it exists
  • Delete a property
  • Delete a property if it has the specified value

To use this, press the download button below. Unzip the file. Import it into a Uniface dictionary. Make sure you have the DICT model in there. Compile and run Form A_PROPERTIES.

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