vrijdag 2 november 2012

Uniface 9.6: billions of buttons

I really need to stop playing with the new Uniface buttons... In Uniface 9.6 you can create "billions" of buttons by specifying an icon that goes on top of the button and four images that represent the button in its four states. Also different text colors for the four states and gradient background color possible. PNG support makes using transparent images easier. No more need to paint both a label and a button if you want both text and icon on a button!
  1. Classic Uniface button with gradient color.
  2. Classic Uniface button with icon and internalized label.
  3. Classic Uniface button with icon and text in field value.
  4. Image button.
  5. Image button with text.
  6. Image button with icon.
  7. Image button with icon. Text from internalized label.
  8. Image button with both icon and text in field value.
  9. Windows button.
  10. Windows Header button.

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